Message from Wendy

To our Friends and supporters

Sadly, our second concert for 2020 is cancelled. The Geelong Arts Centre has begun processing refunds.

GSO was pleased that our first concert for 2020 was able to go ahead before the dangers presented by the Covid-19 virus became apparent.

We were happy to be together as an orchestra to celebrate Beethoven with our conductor Richard Davis and and our superb soloist Emily Sun. How much the world has changed since that night in Costa Hall on February 22!  In just a month the world has closed its doors. Globalisation is a thing of the past. Live concerts and sporting events are memories of happier times. And the health fears and the economic woes will change our way of life for a long time to come. This invisible menace has changed the way we live.

Meanwhile – thanks for supporting Geelongs Symphony Orchestra and we do hope to present more inspiring concerts in the future when this present crisis is behind us.

Wendy Galloway (President GSO)